scrambling for online treasures Scam

Posted in Autosurfs by elanun on January 6, 2006

ok this is my first bad encounter with an autosurf program. it is after upgrading with $10 more than a month ago, my units has now expired and it has $20 in there.
the policy states that you can withdraw at $15 but when i go to the withdrawal page, my withdrawable funds is $0! And on the same page it states there my balance is $20.

So I cannot withdraw at all!

I’ve used the contacts us form but no response after 2 weeks. So I consider my money gone. i hope you didn’t lose much on this one.

why i decided to blog

Posted in General by elanun on January 3, 2006

the main reason i want to blog on the world of online fast-money and promises of instant wealth is so that newbies like me can learn something and maybe the experts can give me advice.
I had my ups and down, I’ve lost money investing in autosurfs, hyip and even bought a useless script for 2 dollars.

When all of the above happened, i feel like telling everyone else about those scammers but I couldn’t. There are too many cheerleaders for these scams (probably they’re the admins themselves) in the forums that your post will be drowned and cursed at.

So, by starting this blog, i bare everything i know and not protecting anyone. This is all based on my personal experience, if you think that they are not a scam then start your own blog and praise them.

I hope someone can greatly benefit from my experience.